Friday, January 23, 2015


Welcome to the wonderful world of space ship shooting.

You will find news and background info for my game Horizon Blaster right here.

I am hoping to upgrade regularly, should that ever not be so then you must drop me a line and I will push a couple more pixels onto the web.

My plan is also to submit a few technical articles here, so if there is any particular technique or implementation you are interested in, then ask!

Now, to our protagonist:

Horizon Blaster

Forward Scrolling Shoot'em up

Coming in 2015 to desktop PCs

Wait, "forward" scroller, is that a thing?

I honestly don't know, unlike vertical or horizontal scrollers, I have never heard this categorization from anybody else...
Better answer: Well, yes I think they do! What about Space Harrier, which appeared in 1985 and whose "super scaler" hardware dominated its kind well into the 90s.
We also saw After Burner in 1987. By the way, both were created under lead of Yu Suzuka at Sega.

My definition of forward scroller is this:
Where scrolling horizontally is movement of the world along the x axis, vertically means y axis and forward along the z axis.
In a forward scroller the world advances screenwards, in the direction the player looks, the player's forward.

Don't let anybody call this style of play a "rails shooter". It can't be named that because the player is allowed to move to the sides in order to aim. A rails shooter in my definition restrains you to a fixed location but allows you to aim freely.

I am closing with mention of another defining element of all shmups.

Forward ever, backward never!

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