Saturday, January 24, 2015


Here is the current state of technologies I use to build my ship create Horizon Blaster.

Languages and Frameworks
  • C++ game and "engine" code
  • Python for internal workflow scripts
  • OpenGL for graphics
  • GLEW to facilitate OpenGL
  • SDL for input and sound
  • FTGL for font rendering (will cycle this out, soon)

Main Tools
  • Visual Studio Express(!)
  • WScite as text editor
  • Blender to model the ships
  • Paint.NET for terrain and textures
  • sfxr for sound creation
  • NSIS for the installer (will change to WiX)
Debugging Tools

These don't go into released versions, but accelerate development.
  • glIntercept
  • AntTweakBar
If you have questions about any of these tools and how I use them, drop me a note. I can explain more in a future post :).

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